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Press Release | 21 Feb 2017

BioLytical Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient for Rapid HIV Test

World’s fastest HIV test developer bioLytical Laboratories has received an innovative technology designation and national agreement from healthcare improvement company Vizient Inc.

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Press Release | 10 Jan 2017

bioLytical recognized by Premier as Breakthrough Technology Award Winner for INSTI HIV Rapid Point of Care Test

bioLytical announced receipt of the prestigious Breakthrough Technology Award from Premier Inc., a healthcare improvement company that unites an alliance of approximately 3,750 hospitals and 130,000 other provider organizations to whom the INSTI HIV test will now been made available at negotiated pricing and terms.

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Press Release | 02 Dec 2016

bioLytical Introduces INSTI HIV Self Test to Kenyan Regulated Pharmacy Network

bioLytical was invited by the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the Kenya Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) to introduce the INSTI HIV Self Test to 350 pharmacy representatives in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya

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Press Release | 01 Dec 2016

bioLytical Launches INSTI HIV Self Test for African Market in Response to New WHO Guidelines

bioLytical Laboratories announced today it is expanding the launch of its INSTI HIV Self Test to Africa with a lower cost version starting this month.

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Press Release | 01 Dec 2016

bioLytical calls for HIV prevention through self-testing in France this World Aids Day (1 December)

As millions unite across the world in the fight against AIDS, bioLytical Laboratories has issued a notice of public support for World Aids Day 2017 and the Hands Up For #HIVPREVENTION initiative.

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Press Release | 01 Dec 2016


The world’s fastest HIV self test has launched for sale online in the UK ahead of World AIDS Day.

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Press Release | 14 Nov 2016

bioLytical Launches World's Fastest HIV Self Test in UK

INSTI HIV Self Test detects HIV two weeks sooner than other brands

Stan Miele, bioLytical's Chief Commercial Officer, says: 'Our purpose in developing the INSTI HIV Self Test was to provide an easy, affordable, consumer-friendly solution that would empower individuals to take control of their health in a discrete way, and within the comfort of their own home. Consumers want to know their status as soon as possible. Now they can choose INSTI which detects HIV up to two weeks sooner than all other HIV home tests currently on the market.'

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Press Release | 10 Nov 2016

BioLytical lance l'auto-test du VIH le plus rapide au monde

INSTI HIV Self Test détecte le VIH en un temps record

Le lancement en France a commencé le 8 novembre 2016 et le test est disponible dans près de 22 000 pharmacies.

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Press Release | 27 Oct 2016

bioLytical Participates in Glasgow HIV Drug Therapy Congress

The rise of self-testing as a recognized HIV testing strategy in low and middle income countries is important in achieving the UNAIDS 90-90-90 program goals. bioLytical is a leader in the emergence of HIV self-testing and participated in active discussions with stakeholders in public and private sectors, along with global donor programmes, while at the Glasgow Congress.

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Press Release | 19 Aug 2016

bioLytical Laboratories Announces Patent Filings in U.S. for Zika Detection Assays

bioLytical has filed two patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to multiple color rapid detection assay systems. The two new patent applications expand the growing intellectual property portfolio for the company and the innovative features that make this an ideal immunoassay system for the detection of antibodies to pathogens including Zika and other flaviviruses.

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Press Release | 15 Jul 2016

Prince Harry Raises Awareness of HIV with bioLytical's INSTI

Prince Harry takes INSTI HIV Test live on social media to reduce stigma around HIV

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Press Release | 11 Jul 2016

bioLytical Receives CE Mark for HIV Self-Testing Kit

INSTI HIV Self Test will be available Online and in Retail locations across Europe

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Press Release | 22 Mar 2016

bioLytical Completes Proof of Concept on 60 Second Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya Diagnostic Tests

bioLytical Laboratories, a world leader in rapid infectious disease tests, has successfully developed a pre-clinical prototype assay for the detection of antibodies to the Zika virus. The test is able to detect anti-Zika antibodies in patient samples collected shortly after the onset of symptoms, indicating detection of IgM, which is critical for identification of early stages of infection.

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Press Release | 03 Sep 2015

bioLytical's INSTI HIV Test Detects gp41 specific IgM Antibodies

BioLytical Researchers Reveal INSTI's IgM Detection Capabilities

bioLytical Laboratories Inc. is pleased to announce its study "Sensitivity of a rapid point of care assay for early HIV antibody detection is enhanced by its affinity for HIV gp41 IgM antibodies" has been published in the Journal of Clinical Virology. This study highlights INSTI's ability to detect early HIV infection.

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Press Release | 06 Aug 2015

BioLytical Applauds Virginia Department of Health and Walgreens on Increasing HIV Testing Sites

VDH expands no-cost, rapid HIV testing sites to 32 Walgreens locations.

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Press Release | 07 Jul 2015

bioLytical to Present Findings of Early HIV Detection

INSTI HIV Assay’s Unique Platform Promises Earlier HIV Detection

bioLytical Laboratories Inc. announced today that its abstract highlighting early HIV detection using INSTI HIV-1/HIV-2 Antibody Test was accepted for presentation at the 8th Annual International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention in Vancouver. The results will be presented Wednesday, July 22nd from 1:00 pm to 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time at the poster discussion on Novel Programmatic Approaches for Diagnostics.

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Press Release | 03 Jul 2015

bioLytical Donates HIV Tests to Promote HIV Screening at Essence Fest

Free 60 second INSTI HIV tests are available on site at the Essence Music Festival

bioLytical Laboratories Inc. has teamed up with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and Greater Than AIDS this year to provide free HIV testing in conjunction with the annual ESSENCE Music Festival, taking place July 2 – 5, 2015 in New Orleans. The Company is dedicated to supporting initiatives that raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to encourage individuals to get tested.

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Press Release | 24 Jun 2015

bioLytical Partners with Walgreens and Donates HIV Tests for National HIV Testing Day

The Company has teamed up with Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS to provide free HIV testing and training to local AIDS service organizations and health departments across 150 cities in the United States. This national campaign occurs on and around National HIV Testing Day each year to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to encourage individuals to get tested.

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Press Release | 12 Jun 2015

bioLytical Laboratories Grants Exclusive Global License for 60 Second Ebola Assay

One Step Closer to Commercialization of Point of Care Ebola Test

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Press Release | 24 Feb 2015

bioLytical’s INSTI HIV Assay Receives FDA Approval for HIV-2

Approval Significantly Expands U.S. Market for INSTI™ HIV-1/2 Test

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Press Release | 16 Feb 2015

bioLytical's INSTI HIV/Syphilis Multiplex Test Cleared for European Market

bioLytical Laboratories Inc. announced today that its INSTI HIV/Syphilis Multiplex Test has been cleared for immediate market entry in the European Union through its Notified Body.

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Press Release | 29 Oct 2014

bioLytical Develops 60-second Ebola Testing Kit

bioLytical Laboratories, a world leader in rapid infectious disease diagnostic tests, has successfully developed a pre-clinical prototype diagnostic test for the rapid detection of antibodies to the Ebola Zaire strain responsible for the current outbreak in West Africa.

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Press Release | 26 Jun 2014

Get Tested for HIV for free on June 27: It only takes 60 seconds

Do you have 60 seconds to help prevent the spread of HIV?
This National HIV Testing Day, community partners are hoping to reduce the spread of the virus by providing free, fast testing at 250 convenient locations across the U.S.

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Press Release | 10 Mar 2014

Journal of Clinical Virology Publication

bioLytical was invited to publish the results of our CLIA study in a special edition of the prestigious Journal of Clinical Virology.

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Press Release | 21 Nov 2013

WHO Prequalification Granted

bioLytical's INSTI Rapid HIV1/2 Antibody Test has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Prequalification Status, making it available for procurement by over 140 WHO member states worldwide.

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Press Release | 01 Oct 2013

bioLytical Attends United States Conference on AIDS

The conference is the largest gathering of HIV/AIDS- related researchers, program directors and community advocates in the United States, and this year thousands of delegates, exhibitors and presenters met in New Orleans to discuss the latest in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and policy.

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Press Release | 27 Jun 2013

INSTI Supports US National HIV Testing Day

bioLytical were honoured to participate in this years National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) in Atlanta, GA.

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Press Release | 11 Apr 2013

60-second Rapid HIV Test Expands Reach into U.S. Point of Care Facilities

As the 22nd annual Canadian Association of HIV Research Conference gets underway in Vancouver, BC, Richmond-based bioLytical Laboratories is showcasing INSTI, the only licensed and approved 60-second rapid HIV test available for Point of Care use.

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Press Release | 01 Mar 2013

US Preventive Services Task Force Advocate Routine Testing For All Americans

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently released a draft statement recommending routine HIV screening for the general US population, aged 15 to 65 years of age.

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Press Release | 12 Dec 2012

Minute Man Wows Attendees at CDC HIV Diagnostics Conference

Although the conference focused on laboratory methods for testing, Rapid-Rapid algorithms were also discussed and INSTI was singled out by Associate Director for HIV Laboratory Diagnostics at the CDC, Bernie Branson, as the leader in early detection among rapid HIV tests.

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Press Release | 01 Dec 2012

INSTI Breaks Guinness World Record for HIV Testing

Two Guinness World Records were broken this World AIDS Day, when 56 Dean St, London UK and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Argentina shattered the record for number of HIV tests preformed in 8 hours.

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Press Release | 21 Sep 2012

AHF Leads Nation with First 1 Minute HIV Testing @ The Abbey in West Hollywood

On Saturday, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) will make history as the first community-based HIV testing program in the United States to use a revolutionary HIV test that provides results to people in just one minute.

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Press Release | 23 Jul 2012

FDA Grants CLIA Waiver to bioLytical Laboratories INSTI Rapid HIV Test

The INSTI(TM) Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test, the world's only proven 60-second test for HIV/AIDS, is being made more widely available to the U.S. population.

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Press Release | 26 Mar 2012

bioLytical Recognizes 10th Annual U.S. National LGBT Health Awareness Week

bioLytical Laboratories proudly recognizes National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Health Awareness Week in the U.S. as it marks its 10th anniversary of health advocacy for the LGBT community from March 26-30.

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Press Release | 09 Mar 2012

bioLytical Supports National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Message

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in the U.S. is an annual nationwide observance that encourages people to take action in the fight against HIV/AIDS and raise awareness of its impact on women and girls.

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Press Release | 14 Feb 2012

bioLytical to Showcase World's Fastest HIV Test to First Nations Community Healthcare Providers

bioLytical Laboratories is pleased to announce its participation in Health Canada's First Nations & Inuit Health (FNIH) CDC Workshop taking place February 14-16, 2012 in Vancouver, BC.

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Press Release | 01 Dec 2011

INSTI Recognized on World AIDS Day as Key Testing Innovation for Getting to Zero

As the developer of the INSTI Rapid Antibody Test, the world's only 60-second antibody detection test, bioLytical Laboratories can play a key role in achieving these targets.

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Press Release | 10 Nov 2011

bioLytical is Playing Important Role in Program Aimed at HIV Patients

bioLytical Laboratories plays an important role in British Columbia's landmark Seek and Treat pilot project, which recently ramped up across the province. The project is aimed at identifying and treating HIV patients in B.C.

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Press Release | 28 Oct 2011

bioLytical Pledges Support for Second International Workshop on HIV Treatment as Prevention

In a show of support for the world leading HIV/AIDS research being undertaken in B.C., bioLytical Laboratories has pledged financial support for the 2nd International Workshop on HIV Treatment as Prevention.

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Press Release | 25 Oct 2011

Celebrating 6 Years of World-Leading Progress

2011 marks the 6-year anniversary of Canadian approval of INSTI

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Press Release | 08 Oct 2011

60 Second HIV Test Could Make the Difference in African Countries

bioLytical Laboratories is currently working to increase the availability of the firm's INSTI HIV Rapid Antibody Test, which is able to detect HIV antibodies in just one minute.

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Press Release | 13 May 2011

bioLytical Applauds Researchers Involved In Landmark HIV/AID

bioLytical Laboratories praises researchers who worked tirelessly on a landmark study whose findings scientists say could help stem the global AIDS pandemic.

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