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News | 21 October 2022

Biggest life sciences + Top 100 Tech in BC (2022)

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News | 2 September 2022

bioLytical Laboratories Once Again Named as One of BC’s Fastest-Growing Companies for the Sixth Year

bioLytical Laboratories Inc. has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in British Columbia for the sixth year in a row by Business in Vancouver (BIV).

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News | 31 August 2021

bioLytical Laboratories Named as One of BC’s Fastest-Growing Companies for the Fifth Year

bioLytical Laboratories Inc. has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in British Columbia for 2021, our fifth straight year on the list.

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News | 12 July 2021

bioLytical receives CE Mark for the World’s First One Minute Hepatitis C (HCV) Antibody Test

bioLytical Laboratories Inc. announced today that its INSTI® HCV Antibody Test has received approval for immediate market entry into the European Union.

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News | 15 June 2021

The new normal: COVID-19 in a post-pandemic world . Why is antibody testing important?

COVID-19 has shifted how the world operates, with masks, constant handwashing, and social distancing now part of our regular vocabulary. 

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News | 4 June 2021

Discover the I’m Ready Research Program. What is it all about?

June 2nd marked an exciting day in the history of our fight against HIV in Canada with the launch of the I’m Ready research program in Canada. This initiative is dedicated to ending HIV in Canada by scaling up access to testing and increasing connections to care.

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News | 4 June 2021

Ending HIV in Canada Together: We’re Ready!

On June 2nd, join the MAP/REACH Nexus team at Unity Health Toronto whose research helped get HIV self-testing approved to talk about ending Canada’s HIV epidemic with the I’m Ready research program.

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News | 4 June 2021

National HIV Testing Day 2021 – My test, My way

In the United States, National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) falls annually on June 27th each year. This year’s theme, “My Test, My Way,” plays on the instrumental role that testing plays in eradicating the HIV epidemic. Building on the different awareness days each year (such as the June 5th Long-Term HIV Survivors Awareness Day), NHTD highlights different ways individuals can get tested and provides information on the numerous available resources regarding testing for and living with HIV.

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News | 11 November 2020

INSTI in the News: HIV Self Test Comes to Canada

INSTI HIV Self Test brings easy, fast and reliable at-home HIV testing to Canadians.

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News | 5 June 2020

INSTI SARS-Cov-2 Antibody Test in the News

We recently announced the development of our new INSTI SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test. Based on the 1-minute INSTI platform, the test will detect antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. We have been supported by the government’s NRC IRAP, which has provided advice and financial resources to Canadian companies for more than 70 years, helping them bring innovative ideas to market. When completed, the test will be a helpful tool for supporting the medical community in monitoring the spread of the virus.

Our scientists are still hard at work developing the test, but our Chief Scientific Officer, Michelle Zaharik took some time out of her busy schedule to speak to journalists about this exciting news in these articles:

Daily Hive: BC company receives over $600K to develop one-minute coronavirus antibody test
Business in Vancouver: B.C. biotech taps federal funding for 60-second COVID-19 test
Prince George Matters: B.C. biotech taps federal funding for 60-second COVID-19 test
360dx: Biolytical Awarded C$633K to Develop One-Minute COVID-19 Antibody Test
BioWorld: Roundup for May 27, 2020

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News | 13 January 2020

Atlanta churches, faith leaders ramp up HIV/AIDS outreach

Recent news shows Atlanta’s churches and faith leaders are ramping up their efforts towards HIV prevention. 

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News | 1 December 2019

World AIDS Day

December 1 2019 marks World AIDS Day, an international day of remembrance for those we have lost to HIV and AIDS. 

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News | 29 November 2019

European HIV Testing Week

INSTI stories from around Europe in recognition of European HIV Testing Week. 

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News | 19 November 2019

UK HIV Testing Week

National HIV Testing Week is held every November in the UK. It aims to reduce the numbers of undiagnosed people and those diagnosed late. It also promotes regular testing among key populations.

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News | 19 September 2019

INSTI now available for expanded point-of-care use in Canada

The world’s fastest HIV test is more accessible than ever before as Health Canada approves revised Intended Use statement.

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News | 28 August 2019

HIV Self-testing Trial Begins in Canada

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News | 22 August 2019

The history behind Canada’s HIV Self Test

As HIV Self Testing comes to Canada for the first time, we explore the history of self-testing and INSTI. 

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News | 25 January 2019

Saskatchewan tries ‘new and innovative’ way to expand HIV testing

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News | 10 December 2018

A Simple Test For HIV

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News | 10 August 2018

HIV-AIDS organizations fear federal funding shift will lead to higher rates

“The head of the Canadian AIDS Society fears HIV rates will continue to rise because of a shift in federal funding towards prevention instead of treatment and support”.

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News | 24 July 2018

Sir Elton John and Prince Harry Launch Global Coalition to Fight HIV and AIDS

“New, energetic and innovative solutions are needed more than ever before”

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News | 15 June 2018

Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS Join with Health Departments and Local Organizations to Help Provide Free HIV Testing in More Than 180 Cities for National HIV Testing Day on June 27

“Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS are helping the participating testing partners to expand the free HIV testing to even more locations this year with a focus on heavily affected communities”.

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News | 17 May 2018

State Health Agency Announces Free HIV Testing Now Available At Select Walgreens Pharmacies In Milwaukee

Free rapid HIV testing for anyone 18 years of age or older at five Walgreens pharmacies in Milwaukee.

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News | 10 April 2018

Mobile HIV and hepatitis C testing program expands in southern Indiana

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Scott County is developing a program that tests for HIV and hepatitis C with its mobile testing van. 

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News | 7 December 2017

Planned Parenthood Centers in Maine Offer INSTI HIV Tests

“ INSTI tests and PrEP are important components of PPNNE’s comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services and the community’s ability to reduce the transmission of HIV.”

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News | 1 December 2017

Hundreds of Plymouth people are HIV positive and don’t know it

   “I took an INSTI HIV test, which gives you results in just 60 seconds. This test not only gives you a quick result but it also detects syphilis”

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News | 6 November 2017

Lourdes in Camden now offers quick HIV test

“The INSTI test allows us to reduce patient anxiety and start a treatment plan in a fraction of the time we could before,” Berstecher said. “We can also test more patients in a day, allowing more patients access to care.”

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News | 20 October 2017

Atlanta Continues To Grapple With HIV Epidemic

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News | 18 July 2017

HIV Status In 1-Minute: Watch Maria Boynton Get Tested

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News | 27 June 2017

Sask. hosts 1st province-wide HIV testing day

More than 28,000 HIV tests completed by Saskatoon Health Region in 2016

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News | 27 June 2017

Global News: National HIV Testing Day

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News | 19 June 2017

Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS Team Up with Health Departments and Community Organizations to Heighten HIV Awareness

Free HIV testing available at participating Walgreens in 130 cities nationwide, June 27 and 28

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News | 7 May 2017

Mixed reactions to HIV self-testing kit but doctors upbeat

Nearly 500,000 Kenyans are infected with HIV and should be on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.
Kenyans above 15 years will be able to purchase, perform the HIV test and interpret the results on their own and at their convenience.

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News | 5 May 2017

Kenya launches self-test kits and PrEP

With the launch, Kenya becomes the first country to undertake a national roll-out of HIV self-testing and the second in Africa to bring to scale PrEP for prevention of HIV infection for those at high risk. Kenya is committed to revitalizing HIV prevention while ensuring access to treatment. – JACKSON KIOKO DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL SERVICES, MINISTRY OF HEALTH, KENYA

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News | 14 March 2017

University of Alberta to study effectiveness of HIV testing in pharmacies

Researchers say 21% of Canadians living with HIV don’t know they have it.

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News | 28 February 2017

Make HIV testing easier in Atlantic Canada with new insti-kits, professor advises

New one-minute tests only available in large Canadian cities

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News | 9 February 2017

Free HIV testing at certain pharmacies during six-month project

Rapid HIV testing available in select Alberta and Newfoundland pharmacies

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News | 30 November 2016

Free HIV testing in metro Atlanta this week for World AIDS Day

Free HIV testing in metro Atlanta this week for World AIDS Day

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News | 30 November 2016

Dallas County Offers Free HIV Tests On World AIDS Day

The effort is being done in partnership with AIDS Interfaith Network in order to raise HIV awareness and improve HIV education.

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News | 30 November 2016

Planned Parenthood Offers 1-Minute HIV Test and Prep This World AIDS Day

Not only is the test quicker, it’s more accurate than previous tests with a 99.9% accuracy score.

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News | 29 November 2016

I took an HIV test to show how easy and important they are

A shocking figure from 2015 showed that 41.1 per cent of HIV positive people in the South West were diagnosed late, meaning their risk of death within the first year increased tenfold.

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News | 24 November 2016

Free rapid HIV testing available in Limerick on December 1

A Rapid HIV Test involves a fingertip prick which takes a small sample of blood and is applied to the test kit, the result is available in 60 seconds. If there is a ‘reactive’ result they will be referred to the hospital where a blood test will be taken to confirm this result.

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News | 22 November 2016

HIV testing week in Milton Keynes

Council Leader Pete Marland recently rolled up his sleeve – literally – to take advantage of an HIV testing session held at one of the council’s main offices.

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News | 17 July 2016

60 second HIV test could soon be a take-home kit

NEWS 1130 – The importance of this is that since we’re the world’s fastest HIV test, we’re also extremely accurate and it’s in line with Prince Harry’s goals of trying to help and make sure everybody’s screened appropriately on a global basis.

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News | 14 July 2016

Prince Harry gets tested for HIV to raise awareness

“It’s amazing how quick it is,” Britain’s Prince Harry says of test on Facebook Live
He says everyone should be tested for HIV to normalize the process

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News | 28 June 2016

Atlantans recognize National HIV Testing Day

“We do free one minute HIV testing with a test called Insti,” explained Reggie Batiste, a certified counselor. “Atlanta has the highest rate for new infections for HIV. So, it’s very important that you get tested.”

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News | 14 June 2016

Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS Team Up In National Effort To Encourage HIV Testing and Prevention

Select Walgreens Locations in 150 Cities Across the Nation to Host Free HIV Testing Events June 23 – 25, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans and Memphis, Among Other Cities

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News | 10 December 2015

Pastors’ Wives HIV Initiative Produce Record Results

First Ladies Health Initiative Executive Director Tracey Alston credits the high volume of HIV tests taken in Chicago and Northwest Indiana this year in part to a partnership with bioLytical Laboratories that is expanding. At the Chicago Health Day, bioLytical Laboratories donated its INSTI™ 60-second rapid HIV testing kits to the Health Day and agreed that for each test administered during the day, it would donate a free test kit to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in South Africa. In all, more than 1,200 HIV tests were administered.

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News | 8 December 2015

HIV testing van takes inaugural ride into Chicago communities

The mobile testing unit seeks hard to reach residents to provide one-minute HIV testing, and immediate linkages to care for those who test positive. “We often find that those in the most need of our services do not always reach out for our help. Being able to meet individuals where they are to provide HIV testing will not only make the community safer, it could potentially connect individuals to other life-enhancing services that could impact their future in a positive way,” said Harriet Sadauskas, President of Association House of Chicago.

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News | 2 December 2015

This 60-Second HIV-Testing Van Is Expanding to New ‘Hoods, Including Uptown

The Association House has helped Humboldt Park and West Side residents since 1899, but starting Tuesday, it’s expanding its reach with a mobile HIV testing unit.

“We needed to come up with a creative way of reaching out to people, the communities that are in most need,” said Nilmari Donate, divisional director at the center. “If they don’t come to us, we need to go to them.”

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News | 1 December 2015

Researchers Question Why Major Canadian Innovations in HIV Testing are Still Unavailable Throughout Much of Canada

As World AIDS Day 2015 events and activities get underway on December 1st, health researchers are questioning why innovative Canadian-made technology such as point-of-care-testing (POCT) for HIV is still in limited use in Canada.

In response to gaps in HIV POCT access, Dr. Gahagan and colleagues from the National HIV POCT Working Group are today releasing, HIV Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) in Canada: Action Plan 2015-2020.

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News | 27 November 2015

HIV-testen door heel de stad: ‘Resultaat binnen een minuut’

Verschillende organisaties slaan deze week de handen in een om Amsterdammers te laten testen op HIV. Op meerdere plekken in de stad zijn gratis testpunten geïnstalleerd.

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News | 27 September 2015

‘First Ladies’ at 70 Chicago area churches to tackle health disparities

Expanding initiative will have impact here and in South Africa

In an exciting new venture, bioLytical will donate 800 of their INSTI® 60-second rapid HIV testing kits here, and for every test administered during the Chicago First Ladies Health Day, bioLytical also will donate a free INSTI® HIV test to the Bishop Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in South Africa.

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News | 8 August 2015

More HIV tests in Bexar County; more positive results

The number of people with HIV in Bexar County is close to twice the national average, according to the latest data from Metro Health.

“The results come in 60 seconds, so it’s not a two-week wait, it’s not a 20 minute wait anymore,” said Regina Villalobos-Perez of the San Antonio AIDS Foundation.

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News | 27 July 2015

B.C. researchers on the leading edge of the fight against HIV/AIDS

Rick Galli is the VP and Chief Technical Officer at Biolytical Laboratories in Richmond, BC. The lab developed the world’s first instantaneous HIV/AIDS test.

See video about INSTI:

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News | 18 June 2015

I Got Tested: Know Your Status (VIDEO)

This year, bioLytical Laboratories teams up with Greater Than AIDS and Walgreens to provide FREE HIV testing in a mobile unit at Essence Fest.

“This is Essence Festival Weekend and we have tourists from all over the country. This is great that the van is out there. Tests are provided in less than a minute.” – Walgreens Pharmacist

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News | 18 June 2015

Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS Team with Health Departments and Local AIDS Service Organizations to Offer Free HIV Testing in More Than 150 Cities

Walgreens News – June 18, 2015
State and local health departments and ASOs will provide trained counselors to conduct the testing and will provide results on-site within minutes. Free tests, including those donated by Alere North America, BioLytical Laboratories and The D.I.V.A. Foundation, will be available at the testing sites located at select Walgreens in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, St. Louis and San Francisco, among other cities during a three-day period:

•Thursday, June 25 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
•Friday, June 26 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
•Saturday, June 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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News | 15 June 2015

Fast HIV test available but not used in Maritimes

Herald News — (June 15, 2015)

“It is estimated that about 25 per cent of Canadians who are living with HIV are unaware of their status. Thus, infected individuals not on HIV treatments will have poorer health outcomes and shorter life expectancies, and the infection could continue to spread.”

To read the full article, visit:

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News | 12 June 2015

Network Oncology Inc. Announces Acquisition of Exclusive Worldwide License For Proprietary Rapid Ebola Test Kit Technology

Vancouver, B.C. / TheNewswire / June 12, 2015 – Network Oncology Inc. (“Network Oncology”, “the Company”) announces the Company has acquired an exclusive worldwide license for a proprietary rapid point-of-care test for the detection of the Ebola virus in humans (“Ebola Test Kit Technology”). The Ebola Test Kit Technology works on a proprietary immunofiltration platform developed by privately held bioLytical Laboratories Inc. (“bioLytical”) of Richmond, B.C. and provides results, using only fingerstick blood samples, in as little as 60 seconds which can be utilized in the field worldwide.

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News | 4 January 2015

Oran. Sida: “Les mentalités commencent à changer en Algérie”

L’Association de Protection Contre le Sida (APCS) d’Oran lutte pour le dépistage et la sensibilisation des Algériens à cette maladie trop peu connue et souvent diabolisée dans le pays. Rejet, discrimination, exclusion, les séropositifs subissent l’incompréhension de leurs proches et de la société dans son entier. Depuis sa création en 1998, l’APCS leur redonne confiance et tente de changer le regard des Algériens sur le sida.

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News | 26 November 2014

Tunbridge Wells men and women – take the second HIV test

Courier — (Nov 26, 2014) For National HIV Testing week, Tunbridge Wells men and women are able to take the 60 second HIV test. “The quicker HIV is diagnosed, the quicker it can be treated and the better the prognosis in many cases. Late diagnosis can cause complications and poorer outcomes, including shorter life expectancy. We would advise that as many people as possible have the test – it’s confidential, simple and quick, and the results are almost immediate” says Lesley Navratne.

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News | 31 October 2014

BC Company develops Ebola Test

Global News — (Oct 31, 2014) News segment about bioLytical Laboratories, a BC company that is developing an Ebola Test.

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News | 29 October 2014

Richmond’s bioLytical Laboratories develops 60 second Ebola

Business in Vancouver — (Oct 29, 2014) BioLytical Laboratories, the Richmond biotech best known for its 60-second HIV test, has developed a similarly speedy test for the Ebola Zaire strain, the virus currently afflicting West Africa that is responsible for more than 5,000 deaths.

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News | 7 June 2013

New revolutionary HIV test provides results in one minute

“The increased availability of the INSTI™ 60-second rapid test in the U.S. … is a game-changer and will allow for large-scale testing events and new ways for point-of-care testing in Emergency Rooms. Most importantly, it will lead to new techniques to reach people.” – Whitney Engeran-Cordova, Senior Director of AHF’s Public Health Division

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