The new normal: COVID-19 in a post-pandemic world . Why is antibody testing important?

COVID-19 has shifted how the world operates, with masks, constant handwashing, and social distancing now part of our regular vocabulary. 

Our New Normal

It is safe to say that COVID-19 has shifted how the world operates, with masks, constant handwashing, and social distancing now part of our regular vocabulary. Part of the “new normal” will likely include an increased focus on prevention and identifying immunity. As the pandemic shows signs of abating, it is worth assessing how businesses and individuals can begin to plan re-opening communities. Vaccines, continued safety protocols such as masking, and testing as critical pillars to re-opening global communities.

What is antibody testing, and why is it important?

One key to re-opening is identifying individuals with COVID-19 antibodies. A blood (or serology) test identifies past exposure to the virus through infection or a vaccine. With increased testing, more individuals will better understand their exposure and possible immune responses, helping to reduce fear and uncertainty. With increased awareness, it is easier for medical and government authorities to start re-opening once more.

Antibody testing plays a role in: 

  • Help identify past exposure and infection
  • Helps retroactively determine the size of an outbreak, or extent of, in a population and provides a more complete picture of a population’s infection, assisting countries in understanding the true nature and danger of the virus along with a society’s immune responses
  • Identifying and managing patient care after COVID-19 recovery
  • Helping manage cytokine storm in COVID-19 Patients (loss of regulated inflammatory response)
  • Help reduce the disparities of infection across the most impacted communities by providing access to tests to determine one’s possible immune responses

Without a clear understanding of who has COVID and overall herd immunity rates, it is difficult to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The INSTI COVID-19 antibody test is a tool that helps companies, governments, and individuals better identify and track risks relating to COVID. With the world’s fastest test, INSTI can help quickly identify, isolate, and prevent a further spread of infection. Whether you are a business, healthcare provider, or individual helping to keep informed and curb the spread, INSTI’s accurate and easy-to-use platform detects SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in only one minute. With quick results, the INSTI antibody test can help communities re-open safely, allowing people to safely return to work, attend social events, and visit loved ones once more.




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